General Information

Opening Hours

Our opening hours are 7.30am to 6pm. If you are running late picking your child up from VacCare please ring
and let us know on 8021 9409. A fee of $20 per 15 minutes (or part thereof) is charged for late pickups. This means that if you arrive to pick your child up at 6.05pm you will be charged a fee of $20. As you can imagine with over 100 children per day, we have to strictly enforce this fee, as otherwise our staff would be regularly finishing work late, and they also have their own families and other commitments to attend to. If you think you are going to be late, you may prefer to organise for someone else to collect your child and avoid the risk of paying late fees.

Our service is open during school holidays only – we do not open on Public Holidays. There is a close down period of two to three weeks over the Christmas/New Year period. We do not offer care on pupil free days, as this is our opportunity to prepare for the upcoming term and hold professional development courses for our team.

Fees and Accounts

2019 fees for VacCare range from $73 per day to $93 per day, are determined by the cost of transport and activities. All vacation care days are offered on a casual basis, and are booked through the web portal or the app. If you wish to change any details in your direct debit for fee payment, please contact us via email. I have also attached the 2018 calendar so you can keep up to date with when your payments will be taken out of your account.


Only Doctor prescribed medication can be administered by the OSHC team. To request OSHC team to administer medication to your child please complete the OSHC Medication request form which you can access through the Medical Forms page here.

Changes to medical conditions, dietary requirements or other important information

Please advise of any changes that we need to know about in relation to your child and family, so that we can properly cater for them. This may include a new or changed medical condition, changes to allergies or dietary requirements, or changes in your family situation that we should know about. This information should initially be provided by email with any relevant documents attached. If we require further information or paperwork after assessing the changes, we will contact you. Our email address is for these changes.

If your child has a medical condition, please complete the appropriate risk minimisation plan. You can find a copy of these plans along with requests to administer medication by accessing the Medical Forms page here.

Policies and Procedures/Philosophy

When you come to sign in/out your child at OSHC you will be able to access a hardcopy of our service policies and procedures. You can also access them here by clicking on the service policies tab, where you will find family specific policies for you to review and keep for future reference.

There is also a wall display at the entrance to OSHC of our service philosophy. Please go to the Family Handbook to access our philosophy.

We encourage family involvement in policy making and philosophy development so please provide any feedback you feel is relevant or in need of review.

National Quality Standards

Allambie Heights Children’s Centre OSHC was assessed against a set of National Quality Standards (NQS) in March 2017. We received an overall rating of ‘Exceeding National Quality Standards’ and a rating ‘Exceeding National Quality Standards in 6 of the 7 Quality areas’. Please see the certificate attached.

We would love feedback and suggestions from families on ways to maintain or improve on our outstanding results. Please email us or add a note on the hard copy version with the sign in sheets.

ASR-00017539-Ratings Certificate

Updating contact details, emergency contacts, and regular collections

It is vital that you keep your contact details up to date on the ‘my family lounge’ portal which you can access at or through the log in on our home page. You can update all contacts already listed under the ‘CONTACTS’ tab.

If you wish to add additional people as emergency contacts and/or regular pickups, please use the tab ‘View Enrolment’ under ‘CHILD’. If you have more than one child, unfortunately you will need to make the changes on each child’s enrolment form. This is because you may want to authorise a person to collect only one of your children for a sporting activity etc.

If you would like a person to only be an emergency pick up e.g. a neighbour, just tick the ‘EMERGENCY’ listed in AUTHORISATION’. If that person is allowed to collect your child any time without you giving us prior notice, please also tick the ‘COLLECTION’ tab.

Please note that if you change any information on the child’s enrolment tab you must click ‘submit’ This may prompt you to complete some additional questions that haven’t been previously answered in your enrolment form or edit incorrect information. This must all be corrected before your changes will be saved.


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